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[+] [v] [x] [?] :CluelessCat?
                      Thanks to a (previously) little-known company called "Digital Convergence," we now have our latest attack on the right to program. [Linux Weekly News]
[+] [v] [x] [?] 1Click Backup
                      Utility providing full, incremental, and mirrored backups; company also provides 100MB of backup space on their server. [Windows 98/2000/2003/ME/XP]
[+] [v] [x] [?] 2D Technology Group, Inc.
                      Software for encoding and decoding 1D and 2D barcodes in Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian, Java, Java Mobile, and embedded platforms. Supported symbologies include Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code, Linear, and Postal codes.
[+] [v] [x] [?] 911DataBackup
                      Online service that allows data backup to a remote location without involving tapes or other media.
[+] [v] [x] [?] A Case For Make
                      Fowler 1990 - Explains many old-make limitations and new-make (Nmake) features including procedure rules, accuracy mechanisms, viewpathing, and semaphores for blocking unwanted parallelism.
[+] [v] [x] [?] A scanner darkly
                      Can Wired's CueCat giveaway turn us into a nation of bar-code-reading clerks? By Scott Rosenberg []
[+] [v] [x] [?] A Shop for Your Website
                      Application is compatible with Unix and NT servers, as well as FrontPage. Option to use PayPal.
[+] [v] [x] [?] A-A-P
                      Open Source - A-A-P is an experimental make tool. Features include a special AAP makefile syntax, automated dependency support for Unix C programs, and a GUI interface written in Python.
[+] [v] [x] [?] a2z, Inc.
                      Online solution for managing and marketing conferences, exhibitions, conventions, seminars, expositions and trade shows.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Software for merchants, helping them build online stores without HTML knowledge. Demo store available.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AaronGraphics
                      Provider of preprinted bar code labels, printers, software, blank labels and ribbons. Provides inkjet and pen plotter supplies for Calcomp, and Hp.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AASoftech, Inc
                      Provides e-commerce solutions and site design. Specializes in ActiveX server-side components that make use of information from customized databases. Located in Vienna, Virginia.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ABAS Software AG
                      Development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ABC Backup Software
                      Automatically on user defined schedule performs gzip compatible backups on local and network disks as well as remote FTP servers.
[+] [v] [x] [?] abcKam
                      A provider of secure webcams and web video for daycare centers, nursing homes and doggy daycares.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Accelerated Data Systems, Inc.
                      AdvantEdge software designed and developed by bill collectors.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AccountPro Software Inc
                      Inventory Control 2000. Runs as a standalone module, or optionally interfaces with other AccountPro modules.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AccuCode Inc.
                      Full service integrator of data collection and data management technology and systems.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Accurate Data Systems, Inc.
                      Provides bar code data collection systems and equipment for physical inventory tracking, warehouse management and compliance labeling.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AcreSoft
                      Job costing software.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Acronis Inc
                      Offer enterprise and home user data backup (disk imaging) tools. Also offer partition management and anti malware products. Includes trial downloads, product overviews and support documentation.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Actinic
                      Sells desktop ecommerce software packages that generate a complete online catalogue and shopping cart system.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Actinic Software
                      Actinic Catalog is a low cost, secure application for small and medium size businesses. Includes product and support information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Action Software International
                      Provides high quality performance software to the MVS system user community. Tracks, controls and manages all changes to your MVS systems.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Active Backup Expert
                      Backup utility that creates backup copies of files as well as synchronize them on two or more PCs. Store the backups in ZIP format, use exact file names or wildcard masks. Available in two editions: Standard and Professional.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ActiveSymbols Enterprise Server
                      Server software providing 1D and 2D barcode decoding for any network enabled device, such as a mobile phone. Also provides text recognition, object recognition, and biometrics.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Adexa
                      Supply chain management software solution that delivers returns on your existing manufacturing assets.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Adtec Software Ltd
                      Suppliers of software to the debt collection industry. Providing debt collection, credit management and on-line services software.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Advanced Backup
                      Backup utility features backup of E-mail messages, ICQ, MSN, AIM, and Windows settings. Free trial download.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Advanced Interactive Solutions
                      Business accounting software and automated electronic UPS certified shipping system.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Advantage Credit
                      Provides custom software to banks and mortgage brokers for the purpose of creating in-file, merged and mortgage credit reports.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Advantage Information Products
                      AIP is a supplier of bar code, label, and tracking software.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Affiliate tracking software. Real time commission reporting, online statistics, affiliate sign up is automated, different commissions for different affiliates. This product extends the reach of your B2B or B2C site by offering affiliate programs.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Affirmative Technologies, Inc.
                      ACH processing software for businesses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Agamik Ltd
                      Company provides bar coding and colour management software for Macintosh or Windows.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited
                      Provides online, offsite backup software, with a service provider edition and a business edition.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AirClic Inc.
                      Provides enabling software and scanning devices to facilitate the deployment of easy to use mobile barcode and number based consumer and enterprise applications globally.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Airvae Commerce
                      Industrial strength cart application featuring real time shipping calculations, credit card wallet, banners and others. Includes demo.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AKGBackup
                      Multi-platform backup program that is written entirely in Java. Back up files, with an option to compress data, on a different hard disk drive, floppies, and different partition of the same disk drive or any media an operating system can write to.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Albany Software Limited
                      Provides software for electronic automation of business processes. Albany is a Sage Developer and Pegasus e-commerce partner.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Alextra
                      Secure online document management service providing you and your contacts the ability to revise documents and track revisions, without having to wait while drafts are exchanged.
[+] [v] [x] [?] All My Papers
                      Software products, data sheets and white papers used in capturing data from scanned images. Technologies include bar code reading, MICR reading, image processing and TWAIN scanner control.
[+] [v] [x] [?] allCLEAR
                      A unique approach to flowcharting automatically creates flowcharts from text outlines of processes.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Allegiance Software
                      Software for public TV and radio broadcasting, for tracking members
[+] [v] [x] [?] AlmerBackup
                      Backup and restore utility for Windows. Backup files to floppy disks, hard drive, network drives, Zip drives, SyQuest and most other removable devices. The program supports several types of backups, including simple copy, simple move or deleting of old, out of date files and backup files to zip-archive.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Almyta Inventory Control Software
                      Business management software that prints barcodes, manages inventory, sales, purchasing, and other activities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Alpha CSP
                      Specializes in high availability e-business application design and ASP hosting services on the UML, EJB, JAVA, J2EE, CORBA, XML and WML platforms.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AlphaBlox
                      A Web-based platform for eBusiness analysis applications that enable companies to analyze and share information with customers, partners and suppliers to foster more profitable relationships and improve eBusiness performance.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Amanda
                      Backup system that allows the administrator of a LAN to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts to a single large capacity tape drive.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AMS eCommerce Software
                      Markets Cexus, an application that administers quotes, orders, deliveries, and financial transactions especially in the forms and offices supplies industry.
[+] [v] [x] [?] An Automatic Make Facility
                      Holyer and Pehlivan 2000 - Program uses no makefile. It records manually-issued compilation commands the first time round, then rebuilds programs using recorded command traces.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ant
                      Pure Java build tool, simpler and easier to use than GNU Make. Also it runs many tasks including the javac compiler inside the same VM, so it can compile a large directory tree in seconds. [Open Source, BSD-like]
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ant User Mailing LIst Archive
                      Archives ANT user mailing list and offers another view of the list.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ant-contrib project
                      SourceForge project for potential ant contributions. Currently consists of a C/C++ compilation task and various logical tasks.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Antamedia
                      Providers of software for cyber cafe management and wifi hotspot billing. Contains manuals, downloads and product information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Antelope
                      Open Source - A front-end GUI for creating, debugging, and executing Ant build files. Features standalone operation or integration with the freeware JEdit editor.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AntForm
                      Form-based input for Ant scripts. Provides tasks for creating input forms, wizards and menus. Supports a variety of widgets ranging from simple text to calendar controls.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Anthill
                      A tool that ensures a controlled build process and promotes the sharing of knowledge within an organization. It is compatible with version 1.3 and 1.4 of Ant. [Open Source, Urbancode Public License (Mozile-like)]
[+] [v] [x] [?] Antique and Art Information Network, Inc
                      Inventory management software for dealers and collectors. Track all items with pictures. Track sales, purchase and profits.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Antique Mall Software
                      Industry leader in developing professional software for the antiques and collectibles community.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Application Service Providers News - Topix
                      News on the ASP industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Apptix
                      On-demand managed messaging and collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Arcontech Ltd.
                      Custom software solutions and products for integrating market data systems. London based. CityVision products include bespoke and packaged systems for: feed handlers, distributors, trading transaction systems, protocol conversion.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Argentto Systems, Inc
                      Provides a wide variety of hosted financial and e-commerce applications.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Argentum Software
                      Backup software program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It supports both manual and automatic data backup.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Arkeia Software
                      Backup software and network backup solutions for Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac Netware.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Art Technology Group, Inc.
                      Provides e-commerce and web marketing software.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AShop Software
                      File downloader software with affiliate sales support written in PHP and using a mySQL database.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ask Mr. Make
                      Articles on makefile optimization, build management and acceleration, etc.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ASP
                      Global news and analysis for Application Service Providers.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Aspective
                      Business efficiency and control solutions for customer management, information management, and service operations.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Asperado
                      The leading information and service portal for the European ASP market. Promotion for ASPs and powerful search features for consumers or businesses. News and information for the ASP market.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Asset RMS
                      Provides a web-based collection system.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AssetTrack
                      Barcoding and asset tracking product offered in both hosted and licensed versions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Atempo
                      Provider of restore, archiving and backup software. Professional solutions for SAN backup, NAS Backup, and Linux backup with Time Navigator.
[+] [v] [x] [?], Inc.
                      Specializing in web-enabling and then hosting legacy applications.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Atlas Business Solutions, Inc
                      Providers of employee scheduling, human resources, appointment scheduling, and business plan software for small businesses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Aulux - Barcode Label Maker
                      Design and print professional quality bar code labels. Software overview, screenshots, and trial download.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Aurora Barcode Technologies
                      Complete systems and solutions using bar code technology for most any application. Offers scanners, printers, labels, and software.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Austin Logistics
                      Develops productivity solutions for collections, marketing and risk management.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Auto Auction Solutions
                      Auto auction software for auto auctions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Automatic Identification Manufacturers
                      AIM is the global trade association for the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry. Also provides details of the standards used for barcodes - most of which are available for purchase.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AutoVault
                      Automated backup and recovery software that provides solutions for data protection of TSM/ADSM enterprise business data.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Avactis Shopping Cart
                      Commercial open source PHP shopping cart. Owned, hosted and licensed versions available.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AVPSoft
                      Publisher of APBackup, backup software for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP. Features include compression, open file backup, scheduling, incremental backups, FTP, password protection and email notification.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Avrion Ltd
                      Prospect and customer management systems for all types and sizes of enterprises.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AWB Label Pro
                      Windows software to print bar coded AWB labels. Demo version downloadable; configuration information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Axtel, Inc.
                      Barcode recognition and printing of PDF417, Data Matrix, and linear symbols. For Windows, embedded, and computer vision systems. Custom design work upon request.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Axure RP
                      Download a free trial of Axure RP, business drawing software for creating mockups and wireframes of application user interfaces. This easy to use software generates HTML prototypes and functional specifications.
[+] [v] [x] [?] B-Coder Pro
                      Inventory tracking spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. When used in conjunction with BC-Wedge or WinWedge this permits one to add to, remove from and look up products just by scanning a bar code. Keyboard Wedge interface, and manual data entry also supported.
[+] [v] [x] [?] BackRex Backup
                      Backup Windows, Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer custom settings and profile, such as mail, contacts, address books, mouse and sound schemes, favorites, and news folders. Downloads, FAQs, newsletter, and contact information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backtrack Bar Code Tracking Software
                      Information on bar code tracking, item tracking and inventory control software.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup Central
                      Product independent site that provides free storage, backup and recovery resources, and utilities, scripts, tips and FAQs for commercial backup software.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup Deluxe
                      Windows backup utility whose features include CD/DVD support, LAN/FTP backup, compression, passwording, scheduling, incremental backups, >2GB archives, encryption, filters, registry backup, and email notifications. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP]
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup Whiz
                      Software download archive with backup and disk utilities for personal and enterprise level backups.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup Wolf
                      Back up and recovery system for Windows. Create backup profiles that target any file or folder on the computer. Recover data loss by one-button backups and restore.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup Xpresso
                      Schedule automatic backup to CDRW or any disk automatically. It will backup and restore files, folders and emails.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup4all
                      Backup software that does full, differential, mirror and incremental backups. Features open file backup, encryption, email notifications, ftp backups and scheduling. [Windows 98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista]
[+] [v] [x] [?] Backup4Sure
                      An easy to use yet powerful backup program from EtalonSoft that makes your backups quick and reliable. Included version control feature allows you to restore your data back to a previously working version.
[+] [v] [x] [?] BackupAssist
                      Software designed to make it easy to implement tape backup rotation strategies easily. It provides scheduling, email notifications, and industry standard media rotation schemes.
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