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  1. Dictionaries  (0/1213) (Find similar within this category, or just browse it)

    Some examples from this category:
    [+] [v] [x] [?] DataSegment Dictionary
                          Find definitions by alphabetical browsing or word lookup. Powered by several print dictionaries.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Online Slang Dictionary
                          A global dictionary of English slang compiled from user submissions. Includes a slang thesaurus and word lists browsable by letter.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Internet Picture Dictionary
                          With interactive activities for French, German, Spanish, Italian, and ESL learners.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Ditzionariu Online
                          Sardinian word translation engine, bidirectional with English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Transgem
                          Technical online lookup which uses translated texts to provide corresponding meanings for words and phrases. Requires JavaScript.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Webster's Online Dictionary: The Rosetta Edition
                          This database doubled with a metasearch tool extracts records from a variety of online and public-domain paper dictionaries, both general and specialized. It offers English definitions, as well as translations from/to a hundred languages.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Planet Translation
                          Directory of dictionaries, including unilingual, multilingual, and topical resources.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Memidex Dictionary
                          An online dictionary originally based on WordNet, contains extensive cross-references, hierarchical links, and a complete listing of inflections.
    [+] [v] [x] [?]
                          A dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms. Submissions welcome.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Linguee
                          One can search many bilingual texts in English and German for words and expressions.
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  2. Etymology  (0/31) (Find similar within this category, or just browse it)

    Some examples from this category:
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Verbivore
                          Richard Lederer's page, with contact information and a handful of his language-loving articles.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Word Spy
                          The word lover's web site by Paul McFedries.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Focusing on Words
                          Subscription-based site for vocabulary development, showcasing the Latin and Greek roots of English words.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Dave Wilton's Etymology Page
                          Devoted to etymology of common words and slang phrases.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Word Detective
                          The online version of the newspaper column answering readers' questions about words and language. An extensive column and word archive. Written by Evan Morris.
    [+] [v] [x] [?]
                          Erudite blog on word origins and definitions, with dozens of links to dictionaries, commentaries, linguistic reference sites, and personal favorites of the author.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] English Language Roots: The Meanings of Word Prefixes, Suffixes and Syllables
                          Reference chart for Greek, Latin, and other roots of the English language. Understanding such roots can help guessing the meaning of words and creating neologisms or brand names.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Word Sources
                          Includes a searchable database of Latin and Greek roots and affixes, a free newsletter, and links to other sites.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Exploring English Words
                          Exploring English words that are derived from Latin and Greek sources with etymologies and vocabulary activities.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] American Dialect Society
                          A scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language in North America.
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    Acronyms (0/42), By_Subject (0/436), World_Languages (0/656), Vocabulary_Lists (0/30), Rhyming (0/6), Sign_Languages (0/5), Symbols (0/7), Pronouncing (0/3)

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[+] [v] [x] [?] Department of Geology
                      Provides descriptions of research programs, field schools and academics plus faculty contacts and events.
[+] [v] [x] [?] International Programmes Office
                      Information about the university and the city. Education, staff, accommodation, tourist attractions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The State Russian Museum
                      World's largest museum of Russian art located in St. Petersburg in the former Mikhailovsky Palace.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East Slavonic Philology
                      Structure of the faculty, history, research, international cooperation.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Sugiyama Jogakuen University
                      Located in Nagoya. Features undergraduate schools in life studies, literature, human sciences, culture-information, nutrition, and graduate schools.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute for Computational Civil Engineering
                      About the institute, education, research.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute of Physics
                      Information about the institute, including structure, research projects, staff and contact addresses, publications and the Nordic Baltic SPM workshop 2002.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Louisiana
                      Sculpture garden and museum in Denmark.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nihon Fukushi University
                      With history, faculties of social welfare, economics, and social and information sciences, NFU graduate schools, educational groups, and research centers, and information for international students. Located on two campuses in Aichi Prefecture.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Coimbra
[+] [v] [x] [?] Eureka College
                      A liberal arts and science institution, affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), located in Eureka, Illinois.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Academy of Music in Krakow
                      Organization, authorities, history, information about studies and faculties, Summer Music Academy.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Maria Curie-Sklodowska University
                      History, authorities, information about faculties, admission requirements, international relations, photo gallery.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Faculty of Social and Information Studies, Gunma University
                      Information about the faculty, staffs, and campus access.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Bukkyo University
                      Buddhist university in Kyoto, with school history, profile, location information, campus life, educational structure, affiliated institutions, and international exchange activities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
                      Consists of five Faculties and twenty two Departments and has a student population of approximately 18000, the fourth position among the Greek Educational Establishments.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AGH University of Science and Technology
                      Information about the university, history and traditions, research, international cooperation.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Swedish Museum of Natural History
                      Situated in Stockholm, the museum offers public exhibitions, a research department covering biological and geological sciences, collections, and an Omnimax theater and planetarium.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute of Philosophy
                      History of the institute, departments, education, staff, conferences.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute of Machine Design
                      Information about the institute, divisions, research, conferences, international cooperation.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Tampere
                      In addition to the traditional departments located in five faculties, there are the Centres of Competence engaging in interdisciplinary research and education, as exemplified in Information Technology and Medical Technology.
[+] [v] [x] [?] USNA Class of 1957
                      Includes email addresses, reunion information, class events, news articles, and class officers and guidelines.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Tallinn University of Technology
                      Department of Computer Engineering informs about the department, chairs, research and the International Study Center.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Donald E. Stokes Library
                      Information, hours, recent acquisitions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] National Library of the Netherlands - Koninklijke Bibliotheek
                      News, details about the library's history and services, as well as online access to the institution's catalogues and collections. Located in Amsterdam, Holland.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Tel-Aviv University
                      School of Computer Science. Information on staff, research, graduate studies and administration. Links to other resources.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Alpha Chi Omega Sorority
                      Zeta Nu chapter's members, events, history, and community service.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Museums at Gammel Estrup Manor
                      Provides historical settings for both the Jutland Manor House Museum and the Danish Agricultural Museum. A single ticket covers admission to both museums and the surrounding park and fields. With a history dating to the 15th century, Jutland Manor was originally the home to two noble Jutland families, the Broks and Scheels. The Danish Agricultural Museum is located in the farm buildings of Gammel Estrup Manor. Modern buildings house exhibitions dealing with life in former times and today. Pictures, prices, hours, tourist information and descriptions of the buildings and surrounding lands.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Maps designed for cyclists, showing cycle routes and infrastructure, and emphasising useful amenities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
                      Information about the centre, staff, activities and publications.
[+] [v] [x] [?] SGI Software Repository
                      All software ready for quick download from Web pages.(You will have to do a Search on SGI in the search box)
[+] [v] [x] [?] UHI Annual Staff Conference
                      Includes details of the programme and location and past events as well as the conference report.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Burgas Free University
                      Includes data on faculties, departments, research activities, and students admission.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing
                      Information about undergraduate, graduate, and outline of curriculum.
[+] [v] [x] [?] BIT Mesra : Rest In Pieces
                      Student weblog about current events.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Department of Design, Merchandising and Textiles
                      Degree plans, news, faculty biographies, internships and facilities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Photographer Nicephore Niepce
                      French scientist and inventor who discovered the process known as Heliography. Presents a biography, other inventions, the home, events, documents, and contact information. Located in Saint-Loup de Varennes, France.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Shiga Prefecture
                      Offers schools of environmental science, engineering, human cultures, college or nursing, and graduate schools. With campus map, student life, syllabus, libraries and centers, and town guide.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Alberta, Calgary: Global Community College
                      Offers courses for business English, intensive study, TOEFL and TOEIC preparation and TESL courses for the prospective teacher.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Penn State Hillel
                      Jewish organization that provides opportunities for enrichment and leadership development. Events include social, cultural, religious and educational activities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nebraska PTA
                      About the organization, calendar, programs, history, news, convention information and membership.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Chukyo University
                      With guide to admissions, campus tour, undergraduate and graduate schools, international student exchange, plus Nagoya and Toyota campus information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Concise English-Tatar Dictionary
                      About 3,000 entries.
[+] [v] [x] [?] College of Eastern Utah - San Juan Campus
                      Departments, catalog, online classes, student information, faculty and staff, library, news and events. Located in Blanding, UT.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Wayo Women's University
                      Information on school history, academics, student life and admissions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] A Day in Our Lives
                      Joanne shares her unschooling journey after removing her three adopted children from government school.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Faculty of Informatics
                      Includes news about informatics colloquium, technical reports, laboratories and conferences.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Argyll College
                      Flexible higher education institute offering range of subjects from access courses to degrees. Course and learning centre information available and contact details.
[+] [v] [x] [?] TU Kaiserslautern
                      The university offers information on courses of study offered, faculties, research and institutes, local life and culture, complemented by news, contact information, and a career service.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Medical University
                      Incorporates educational and therapeutic facilities, pre-clinical base, and specialized research units used to treat patients, train students and post-graduates.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Technical University Gabrovo
                      General information on faculty structure, brief history, education, and projects.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute of Information and Library Science
                      Information about the institute, education, research.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Museo dei Bronzi Dorati
                      Collection includes gilded bronzes, including the Bronzi Dorati dating from Ancient Rome, Roman art, coins and Renaissance paintings.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Chi Delta Alpha
                      Contains list of sisters, service projects and pictures.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Sakhr Dictionary
                      Multidirectional lookup of Arabic, English, and French terms, with Arabic as a primary index.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art
                      Houses collections illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts from the late 19th century to the present. Located in Nagoya.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Zanjan University
                      Information about faculties, research facilities, and conferences.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Directory of Spanish schools in Europe, Latin America and South America
[+] [v] [x] [?] Kaiserslautern, University
                      Department of Computer Science. Research involves software components, algorithms, CAD, computer graphics, computational geometry, information management, computer networks, database and information systems, computer architecture, numerical algorithms, foundations of computer science and programming, communication systems, system software, robotics, artificial intelligence, software engineering, learning, programming languages and compiler constructions, and VLSI design.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Gangarampur B.Ed. College
                      Includes location, affiliations, administration, teaching and non-teaching staff, academics, facility and co-curricular activities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Warsaw University of Technology
                      History and traditions, faculties, studies specializations.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Muroran Institute of Technology
                      Includes guide to campus, administration, access and campus maps, education and research, international affairs. Courses include computer science, civil engineering, applied chemistry, mechanical systems, electrical engineering, and materials science.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ASVi - Association pour la Sauvegarde du Vicinal
                      Houses vehicles that once ran on the SNCV for the National Light Railway Company and offers a restored tram ride in the local area. Includes museum history, photos, events, news, fares, and shop. Thuin, Belgium.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University Programming Board
                      Includes event listing around the University and the 81 record label.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Massachusetts College of Art
                      A public, free-standing college of art and design. The college's professional baccalaureate and graduate degree programs enable students to contribute to the New England economy as fine artists, designers, and art educators, and to engage creatively in the well being of their society.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Department of Materials Science
                      Research in solid state electronics, ion physics, micro structure technology, materials science, solid state physics, solid mechanics, and signals and systems.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Museum Martí Vicenç
                      Exhibit of the work of Martí Vicenç', including Mallorcan fabrics Known as "Robes de Llengües".
[+] [v] [x] [?] Catholic University of Lublin
                      Mission of the university, history, faculties, international relations, Socrates-Erasmus programme.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Arizona - Computer Science Department
                      Offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in computer science. A doctoral minor in computer science is also available. Contains on-line descriptions of numerous research projects, often with detailed information supported by a combination of research papers, free source code, and online demonstrations. These include: The Icon Programming Language, Topovista, WebGlimpse, Liquid Software, and The Scout OS. - Tucson, AZ.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute of Experimental Physics
                      Structure of the institute, publications, conferences and seminars.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Phonetics Laboratory
                      A component of the Committee for Comparative Philology and General Linguistics. Staff list, resources.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Bilkent University
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cazenovia College
                      A small independent, four-year residential college for men and women just 19 miles southeast of Syracuse. Information on Academic programs, campus life and staff is provided.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Classroom and Lab Computing
                      Provides and supports personal computer laboratory, teaching laboratory and technology classroom facilities and services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Gour Mahavidyalaya
                      Details of location, departments, courses, hostel, library, admission procedure, expenditure reports and results.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Teacher Recruitment International
                      Provides a teacher placement service for International Schools in the SE Asia, Turkey, Middle East regions and to a limited extent in Europe and South America
[+] [v] [x] [?] Karate Club
                      Extensive history, karate information, and member list.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ivanovo State University
                      Official site of Ivanovo State University, located in Ivanovo, Russia.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Finnmark University College
                      Presentation of the college and information about study programs and ECTS.
[+] [v] [x] [?] KASU 91.9 FM
                      Serves Arkansas State University. History, program guide, staff biographies, and contact information is included.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Faculty of Civil Engineering
                      Information about the faculty, history, authorities, education, research, photo gallery.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
                      Founded 1997, School of Economics and Faculty of Education.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Delta Phi Gamma - UC Irvine
                      A multicultural social sorority.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Department of Tourism Management
                      Provides undergraduate program.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ethnographic Museum of Zurich University
                      Location and hours for the Swiss museum of non-European cultures.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Shimane University Faculty of Medicine
                      Outlines university with administration and faculty, history, current organization, budget, international exchanges, academics, nursing, facilities, research, hospital, and campus map. Located in Izumo City.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
                      About UTP, the Technical University of Panama. Describes the academic departments, 7 regional campuses, professors and research, and online courses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Svedino's Automobile and Aviation Museum
                      European museum of vintage cars and aircraft. Presents a timeline with photos of selected cars. Located in Ugglarp, Sweden.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchirapalli
                      Contains information regarding admissions procedure, faculty, placements, campus life, student events, alumni and online application gateway.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Texas Lutheran University
                      Academics, admissions, athletics, library, financial aid, career services, alumni, extended learning, registrar, information services, church relations.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Saga Medical School
                      Includes introduction and features of curriculum. Located in Saga City.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Silesia
                      History of the university, authorities, faculties, research, student guide, information about the region.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Kimbell Art Museum
                      Research affiliation: Research Library Group.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Wroclaw Careers Service
                      Career information for students and graduates of Wroclaw universities, Profesja Job Fairs.
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Surabaya - Chemical Engineering Department
                      Includes overview, areas of expertise, lecturer profiles, publications and facilities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Institute of Geological Sciences
                      Information about the institute, staff, education.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
                      Multi-faceted collection covers the period from the Middle Ages to the present. Includes a show calendar, guided tours, information about the Friends of the Museum, hours, admission rates, and directions to the location in Rotterdam. [Dutch and English]
[+] [v] [x] [?] Churchill College
                      Official site with information about admissions, events, employment opportunities, and facilities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ecole Superieure d'Etudes Cinematographiques
                      Film school located in Paris. Brochure available in PDF format. [French/English]
[+] [v] [x] [?] University of Economics, Prague
                      Information brochure, mission, faculties and study programs.
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