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  1. Philosophy  (0/5318) (Find similar within this category, or just browse it)

    Some examples from this category:
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Søren Kierkegaard Cultural Production
                          The philosopher and his works, in words and music.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] International Herder Society
                          Promotes the legacy of this 18th-century thinker. Organizational information, list of publications, events. In English and German.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] SAGUF Network for Transdisciplinary Research
                          Network of the Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM)
                          Brings together researchers across Canada and the world working on history and philosophy of mathematical sciences. Provides membership information, an online bulletin and proceedings of its yearly conference.
    [+] [v] [x] [?]
                          Articles exploring capitalism, objectivism, politics, reason, and related topics.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy
                          Interdisciplinary scholarly journal for intercultural dialogue in philosophy, comparative philosophy, inter-religious questions, and problems of multicultural phenomena.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Philosophy with Children and Youth
                          Norwegian based organisation that promotes P4C. Information and resources on concepts like justice, knowledge, truth, responsibility, suffering, identity and freedom.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Clone Rights United Front
                          Political organization that supports reproductive human cloning.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Steve Bramall Associates
                          Education and training services and resources for philosophy for children in the UK.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Nihilist's Corner
                          Poking fun at just about everything, this site showcases some unusual media work, and offers a sardonic world view.
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    Activism (0/845), Philanthropy (0/2852), Relationships (0/3120), Organizations (0/13567), Religion_and_Spirituality (0/97596), Lifestyle_Choices (0/583), Law (0/20163), Disabled (0/858), Crime (0/1563), Death (0/2152), Advice (0/45), Issues (0/18128), Ethnicity (0/5005), Military (0/2051), Politics (0/2812), Paranormal (0/1930), People (0/14528), Work (0/482), Transgendered (0/743), Subcultures (0/1071), Support_Groups (0/180), Folklore (0/909), Future (0/281), History (0/10014), Holidays (0/1712), Government (0/2107), Genealogy (0/5487), Gay,_Lesbian,_and_Bisexual (0/2905), Sexuality (0/491)

  2. Epistemology  (0/46) (Find similar within this category, or just browse it)

    Some examples from this category:
    [+] [v] [x] [?]
                          An overview of epistemology, exploring the various theories of knowledge, justification, and belief.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Pragmatism Cybrary
                          A research resource offering information on famous pragmatists, directories of centers and societies, philosophy lists, conferences, and publications.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] James Pryor
                          James Pryor's homepage. It includes online papers and detailed lecture notes.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Wysiwyg Universe
                          The nature of Reality is cast against two postulates: that experience is the only reality for an observer; and that there is no reality other than experience.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] JTB Forum
                          Electronic journal for theory of knowledge.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Third Summer School for the Theory of Knowledge
                          Topic is Justification. Held in Madralin, Poland, in August 2000.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Society for Social Studies of Science
                          Society dedicated to the study of social aspects of science and technology. The site contains information about events in the field.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] HPS Research Methods Guide: Social Epistemology
                          A bibliography compiled by Martin Kusch.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Sextus Empiricus's Outlines of Pyrrhonism
                          A short paper by Alex Scott on the ancient school of skepticism.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Pragmatism and Umwelt-Theory
                          Paper by Alexei Sharov, considering the biological relevance of pragmatism.
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    Ethics (0/302), Feminist_Philosophy (0/18), Employment (0/3), Journals (0/59), Metaphysics (0/50), Metaphilosophy (0/8), Humor (0/18), History_of_Philosophy (0/243), Education (0/14), Directories (0/21), Analytic_Philosophy (0/11), Aesthetics (0/59), Continental_Philosophy (0/51), Conferences (0/11), Eastern_Philosophy (0/88), Chats_and_Forums (0/31), Academic_Departments (0/233), Organizations (0/40), Products_and_Services (0/26), Reference (0/449), Personal_Pages (0/113), Philosophy_of_Science (0/251), Philosophy_of_Religion (0/36), Transdisciplinarity (0/13), Philosophy_of_Logic (0/95), Philosophy_of_Mind (0/144), Philosophy_of_Culture (0/2), Philosophy_of_Education (0/50), Philosophers (0/2812), Movements (0/141), Online_Texts (0/17), Philosophical_Anthropology (0/18), Philosophy_for_Children (0/33), Philosophy_of_History (0/34), Philosophy_of_Language (0/66), Weblogs (0/5)

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[+] [v] [x] [?] Sofia Clair
                      Custom tallit and kippa designs with matching accessories.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Salesians of Don Bosco - United Kingdom
                      Webpages for the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Uk, and also their mission areas, including Liberia.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Satya Sanatana Dharma
                      Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma, worship of Sadhasiva and the unity of Kali and Krishna.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Law Offices of Connolly, Tacon & Meserve
                      A law firm providing representation in most major areas of law.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mestre Abogados International Law Firm
                      International law firm in the areas of maritime, commercial and corporate law, insurance and arbitration.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Iconia Studio
                      Selection of orthodox icons painted by Daniela Jurescu.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Clacton Christian Spiritualists
                      Event and services listings for this church in Clacton On Sea.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Saint Stephen Protomartyr Parish
                      Catholic church. Mass in English and Spanish. Brief history, mission statement, staff directory, liturgy schedule.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Austin Eurythmy Ensemble
                      Offers performances, classes, and lecture demonstrations. Includes a calendar of events.
[+] [v] [x] [?] United Mehadrin Kosher
                      Also known as Upper Midwest Kosher under the direction of Rabbi Asher Zeilingold, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Reb Anderson, Tenshin Roshi
                      Tenshin Reb Anderson is Senior Dharma teacher at San Francisco Zen Center.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Corpus Thomisticum
                      All of Aquinas's works available online in Latin. Site also has bibliographies, early sources for the saint's life.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Hizb-ut-Tahrir
                      Islamic political party working within the Islamic Ummah. Includes information on policies, membership, and publications.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Temple Emeth
                      Founded in 1974, led today by Rabbi Randall Konigsburg. Calendar of events, descriptions of adult education and classes and membership and applications, a kosher food drive, club schedules, president's message, and sermons. Delray Beach.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AHYA Call and Guidance Center
                      Offers a collection of articles, audio resources and a newsletter on Islam, from a Salafi perspective. Includes their views on Jamaat Tableegh and Deobandism.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Rudraksha and crystal mala, tulsi mala, sandalwood mala and yantras
[+] [v] [x] [?] Alvear Macias
                      General practice legal assistance for foreign companies and individuals.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Dubbo Uniting Church
                      Central West. A rural church community. Mission statement, worship times, staff, news and announcements, events calendar, groups and activities, location and contacts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Uexkuell & Stolberg
                      Services for patent, trademark and utility design law from offices in Hamburg and Munich.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Amadonna
                      Photograph catalogues with profiles of ladies intending marriage or to establish long-lasting romantic relationships. Personal matchmaking service.
[+] [v] [x] [?] La Fortunae
                      Collectible wood pendulums with sacred geometric forms, also radionic boards and magical art.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Kwan Um School of Hungary
                      Korean Zen practice in Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, and Tatabánya.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Brown Sims, P.C.
                      Offers defense services for injury, workers' compensation, property damage, commercial, professional, and product liability, and counsel for maritime, transportation, energy, and general corporate matters. Offices in Houston, New Orleans, and Miami.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Key Masonic Lodge No. 7 - Siloam Springs
                      Meets on the 1st Tuesday, 7:30 PM; dinner at 6:30 PM. History, photos, contact and links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] R. E. Valasek Law Offices
                      Offering general civil, criminal defense and municipal law services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Centro delle Culture
                      Online Center of Cultures magazine in Italian, English, and French
[+] [v] [x] [?] Graduate School of the Institute of Creation Research, North Santee, California
                      Immediate goal is to foster research and provide graduate-level training in those fields of natural science that are particularly relevant to the study of origins. Offers M.S. degrees programs in Astrophysics/Geophysics, Biology, Geology, and Science Education.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Small but well-designed site which features pages of information about some of the major Vodou lwa, and also reviews of books about Vodou.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Feilmeyer, Feilmeyer, Keenan, Forbes & Fultz, plc,
                      General practice law firm, offering a wide range of personal and business legal services. Includes profiles and contact information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Satsang with Buddhas
                      Teachings from Enlightened Buddhas. Find information about spiritual books, discourses, quotes and meditation techniques
[+] [v] [x] [?] Congregation Mishkan Tefila
                      Conservative synagogue in Chestnut Hill. Includes schedule of services along with information on programs and the "Library Minyan" alternative services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Jose Lloreda Camacho & Co.
                      Law firm, headquartered in Bogota, serving foreign and multinational clients doing business in Colombia, with an emphasis on the preventive practice of law and business planning.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority
                      Operator of airports and Tunisian airspace. Includes information on individual airports and flight schedules.
[+] [v] [x] [?] St. Stephen Antiochian Orthodox Church
                      Includes history, list of clergy, service schedule, events calendar, and location information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Santa Barbara Presbytery
                      Serving Santa Barbara and the central coast of California. News and upcoming events, material on the staff and organizational structure, list of member churches.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Albion: Mendocino Vipassana Center - Dhamma Manda
                      Dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka. This technique gradually eradicates all inner suffering.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Shaare Torah Congregation
                      A Conservative synagogue community. Profile, committees and calendar.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Saibaba Temple: New York
                      A project to construct a new temple at Flushing.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Reflections On Gurbani
                      Dedicated to the analysis, study and understanding of Gurbani. Extensive articles on Gurbani and downloadable Gurbani music.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Arya Prathinidhi Sabha
                      The congress of Arya Samajis in North America.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Grace Lutheran Church, Omaha, Nebraska (ELCA)
                      Contains Worship times, newsletter, calendar, history, mission and ministry statements, location, and contacts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cistercian Nuns
                      Valley of Our Lady Monastery is a Cistercian monastery for Nuns situated in southern Wisconsin. History and vocational information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nezu Institute of Fine Arts
                      Includes paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, metal, wood, and Buddhist art. Located in Tokyo.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cedarview Community Church
                      Newmarket, Ontario. Calendar, Care Ministries, Homebuilders, Youth, Music, Links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ashtanga Yoga Center
                      Fayetteville - Louise Ellis offers practice in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Class descriptions, schedule and directions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Seattle Buddhist Temple
                      Jodo Shinshu Buddhist services, events, background, and membership information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Conventual Franciscans - Maltese Province
                      Information on the history and ministries of the Province of St Paul the Apostle in Malta.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Normans, A European People
                      Comprehensive coverage of the history, culture and heritage of the Normans in France, the British Isles and Italy. Includes biographies, genealogies of rulers, a gazetteer of Norman buildings, places to visit and bibliographies.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Faith Evangelical Methodist Church
                      Includes pastor's page, overview, sermons, ministries, outreach and directions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Faith Based Leadership Coaching
                      Consults with urban church leaders on leadership development, program and strategic planning, funding, and team building.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Blue Cross Order, Scientific Study and Research of the Medieval Chivalric Orders
                      An Organisation whose main goals consist in the scientific study and historical research of medieval, religious and chivalric orders, and of the Christian Church
[+] [v] [x] [?] Tyrian Masonic Lodge No. 246 - Garden City
                      Meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 7:30 PM. Officers, events, news, photos and links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Holy Redeemer School
                      A Catholic parish elementary school (K-8). Information about the school's programs of study, students and faculty. Includes calendar.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Jewish Family and Children's Service
                      JFCS provides services to children, families and adults, provided by caring and committed professionals and volunteers.
[+] [v] [x] [?] St Alban's Church, Gossops Green
                      Service details, events diary and location guide plus information about parish groups for adults and young people and downloadable articles, photo galleries, orders of service, magazines, posters and marriage leaflet.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Grey Nuns of Manitoba
                      Sisters of the Congregation of Charity of Montreal who live and work in the Province of Manitoba.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Redeemer Lutheran Church
                      Missouri Synod. Mission statement. Everything else requires JavaScript: worship schedule, contact information, office hours, overview of educational program and church activities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Vincentian Family
                      The international institutes, orders, and organizations descending from the charitable organizations founded by St. Vincent de Paul.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Lebanon United Methodist Church, Chilhowie
                      Provides worship schedule, history, directional map, and contacts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Holla Lutheran Congregation, Telemark, Norway (CofN)
                      Includes history of emigration to Holden in the United States, parish information and contacts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Unitarian Universalist Church of Catawba Valley
                      Program information, newsletter, and principles for the church community.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mensa Serbia
                      Information about testing, special interest groups, past events, and links to regional groups.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Sri Sathya Sai Centre: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
                      Information about the centre and its activities.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Not a Hero
                      Reviews, excerpts, and pictures of the book written by Ron Fitts, LT. detailing his accounts within PBR - River Division 571 as he led over 220 river boat patrols during the Vietnam war.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Vineyard United Methodist Church
                      Worship schedule, history of the congregation, education for all ages, information on the church's ministries, youth page. Graphics-dependent.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Province of St Joseph of Cupertino - United States
                      The majority of the ministries and friaries of this province are based in California. Site gives information on the Province's history and vocational discernment.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Lord's Land
                      Former commune site in Albion, California now providing cabins as well as missions training programs. Program information, events and contacts provided.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Teen Street
                      Operation Mobilisation's summer teen mission with over 2,500 participating teens every year.
[+] [v] [x] [?] St Pius X
                      Catholic primary school established in 1962. features, history, programs and newsletter.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Saint Therese of the Child Jesus Catholic Maronite Church
                      Tulsa. Information about the Maronite Church and its history, terms from the Maronite Antiochene Mass, contact information, activities and events, parish newsletter, photo gallery, 3D model of the church.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Plaisted Farm
                      Located in Cornville, Maine USA. Includes family history as compiled by Ronald Karl Plaisted.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Face to Face International
                      Interdenominational Christian ministry that specializes in building world missions by assisting churches and individuals with short-term trips.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Santa Clara: Buddhi Viharaya
                      Sri Lankan Buddhist temple. Includes articles, kids' activities, and events calendar.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Sturbridge: Wild Goose Zendo
                      Rinzai Zen center affiliated with Dai Bosatsu Zendo. Offers weekly zazen and regular sesshins.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Jay B. Smith Funeral Homes
                      Serving families in the Maplewood and Fenton areas, with information about pre-planning, facility locations, and understanding grief.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Einsiedeln Abbey - Einsiedeln, Switzerland
                      A Benedictine Abbey in the Swiss Congregation. Many of the American Abbeys are daughter houses of here.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AMVETS, Post 13, West Harrison, Indiana
                      Officers, membership, newsletter and contact information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Episcopal Church of the Messiah
                      Provides a history of the parish, current profile and other information which includes a Worship schedule, details of leadership ministries, programs and groups. Also gives driving directions and links to faith resources.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Akaash Maharaj - Practical Idealism
                      President of the New Liberalism foundation. Bilingual site on the public good includes weblog, public policy projects, civil diplomacy initiatives, podcasts, videocasts, media coverage, and contact information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Orthodox Christian Foundation
                      Feature articles and links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Blue Sky Yoga
                      New York City, Bridgehampton, Amagansett, Sag Harbor - Lois Nesbitt offers retreats, workshops and group or private instruction in a variety of yoga styles.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nazr-e-Kaaba - The Eye of the Heart
                      Communicates the message of Universal Truth as the essence of Islam in the Age of Oneness. Includes articles, poetry, meditations, and a profile of Naila Amat-un-Nur Tiwana.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Of One Accord Ministry
                      A cooperative effort of churches, agencies, and businesses that operate food pantries, thrift stores, and a free medical clinic in the Appalachian area of eastern Tennessee.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Vietnamese Games Site
                      Online Vietnamese games include Tien Len, Domino, Xap xam, Tai tia, Xi Lac, Ca ro, Cat Te.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Baach Robinson & Lewis, PC
                      Offering business and defense litigation services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Carmel of Tranquilla
                      One of the Irish Carmels. Near but not associated with the shrine at Knock, Ireland. Vocational information available.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Protecto Deco's funeral homes
                      Located in L.A. and Mexico
[+] [v] [x] [?] Oundle Methodist Church
                      Offers services, history, photos, mission statement and a map.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Tagaste Monastery - Augustinian Recollects
                      A community of professed religious united in fraternal charity, by faith in Jesus Christ, and participation in the Mission of His Church. They are animated by the spirit of St. Augustine and striving to live out his ideal.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ministry of National Defence - Romania
                      The official site of the institution includes a defence news page, information concerning the structure of the ministry and the Romanian Armed Forces, the legislation that regulates the field of defence, photos and other useful information. [English/Romanian/French]
[+] [v] [x] [?] Kavanagh Family
                      The origin and early history of the Kavanagh clan / family. Details of notable clan members. Contact point.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cathorama
                      [English, French, Italian] Cartoons about church and society.
[+] [v] [x] [?] New Covenant Teaching Ministry
                      An evangelical, Spirit-filled, Jewish roots based church.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Bethel Lutheran Church (ELCA)
                      Includes worship schedule, calendar, service and fellowship opportunities, faith statements, sermon archive, location, and contacts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Chabad of Cambridge, UK
                      Serving the Jewish students and faculty of Cambridge University. Information on local events and services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Lim Inter Media
                      Astrological, Feng Shui, I Ching, and palmistry software and e-books available on CDs.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cornerstone Masonic Lodge No. 19 - High River
                      Meets on the 3rd Thursday. (Dark: July and August.) Welcome, location, 1765 degree team, history and articles.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Central Bank of Nicaragua
                      Provides annual reports and bulletins, statistics, and economic indicators. Current information in Spanish, most documents available in English.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
                      Provides local contacts and listing of area Falun Data classes and practices. Also provides scanned images of resolutions and proclamations.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Calton Protestant Defenders Loyal Orange Lodge 221
                      District 14 Calton Orange and Purple, Glasgow, Scotland. Contains information on the Protestant faith, the reformation and covenanters. Includes pictures, a forum and chat room.
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