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    Some examples from this category:
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead
                          Dedicated to the Mexican holiday, el dia de los muertos (the day of the dead). Information on altar making, the history of the holiday and its art.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Day of the Dead in Mexico
                          Excerpts from Mary J. Andrade's book give a history of the holiday.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Dia de los Muertos
                          Shows history, traditional foods, events and timeline, photos, altar, Realaudio interviews, and related e-postcards.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Los Dias De Los Muertos
                          Provides a short description of the celebration, along with a brief look at its origins and contemporary customs.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Día de los Muertos
                          Events, history and customs of the Mexican celebration.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Dia de los Muertos, The Days of the Dead
                          Visual arts lesson plan designed for use with 3-12 grade students.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Mexican Tradition: Day of the Dead
                          Includes comprehensive description of the holiday, its cultural significance, and the religious overtones, as well as actual photographs from the celebration.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Lesson Plan - Day of the Dead or "Dia de los Muertos"
                          Teaching plan for teachers of grades 4 - 5. Includes a Spanish poem in Spanish and English.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Janitzio: Celebrating the Day of the Dead
                          Explores how the holiday is celebrated in Janitzio.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Day of the Dead in Oaxaca: Oaxaca, Mexico
                          The Cabrera family describes one of the most important festivities of Oaxaca.
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[+] [v] [x] [?] Nightmare on Newton Dr
                      Annual Halloween yard haunt that is located in Overland Park, Kansas. Site includes projects, photos, and details.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Fright Nights
                      Indoor terror and acres of Haunted Hayride, Midway, entertainment, vendors, food and beverages. Located in West Palm Beach at the South Florida Fairgrounds.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Darkwood Manor Haunted House
                      Discover the history of Abigail Darkwood. Portion of profits benefit SPCA and Relay for Life. Located in Luray.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Barns of Horror
                      A new tri-level Haunted House located behind new drive inn, Scary Movies & Haunted Thrills. Located in Cleveland Alabama. Open Fridays and Saturdays In October.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mobile Mystics Mardi Gras Association
                      Parading society founded in 1993. Site has parade, party and ball photos, history and schedules.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Eerie Industries
                      Commercial haunt organization based in Texas, but they also run their own home haunt every year (see the links under "Our Haunts"). Photos and many do-it-yourself project galleries including scenery, makeup, foam carving, and corpse-ification.
[+] [v] [x] [?] St. Patrick's Day
                      Reflects on holiday, includes biographical sketch of St. Patrick, and provides links to other sites.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The House at Haunted Hill
                      Located in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley, California. Includes photos and times it is active.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nightmares Fear Factory
                      Gift store with focus on the macabre and unusual, including special selection of candles and jewelry.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Christmas House
                      Delaware home with nearly 1 million Christmas lights, animated displays and live Christmas characters.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Haunted Labyrinth
                      Featuring the House of Fears. Includes dates, times, and ticket information. Helps support CYO programs. Located in Providence.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Devil's Dungeon
                      Contains dates and times of operation, directions, coupons, photos, links and games. Located in Nashville.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Ghoul Skool
                      How-to make props, costumes, sounds, scripts and haunts for amateur haunted house enthusiasts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night
                      Explains why English people like to gather round bonfires once a year to burn effigies and watch fireworks.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Carnage Haunted House
                      Located in Houston. With overview, hours, coupons, and ticket guide.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Indian Festivals
                      List of Indian festivals and their significance.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Demon House
                      Haunted House located in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Open in July and October. Discount tickets available.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Father Time's Net
                      New Year songs, recipes and traditions from around the world.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Viva! Cinco de Mayo & State Menudo Cookoff
                      Since 1974, an annual celebration in San Macros, Texas.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Eggboy's Christmas Celebration
                      Features stories, Advent Calendar, a place to e-mail Santa, Christmas movies, humor, and recipes.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Haunt on Courthouse Square
                      Annual haunted house and graveyard held every Halloween in Cusseta, Georgia. Includes haunting tips and photos.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Pirates of Emerson
                      Haunted attraction using special effects, robotics, actors, realism and animatronics.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Haunt 31
                      Directions and information about the home haunt in Lake in the Hills, Illinois.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Christmas Files
                      Contains Victorian Christmas cards, Santa Claus pictures, jokes, backgrounds, and web page graphics.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Christmas Carols
                      Lyrics of some Christmas carols and songs.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Spiders Preyground Haunted House
                      Yard haunt with photos, video, and project/how-to's including several electronics projects. Located in California.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Dungeons of Doom
                      Includes a haunt history, photos, reviews, and online tickets. Located in the basement of the Arlington Museum of Art. Supports children's programs.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Cauldron of Invention
                      Located in Greenwood, Mississippi with a 20 year history. With large collection of photos and explanation of tricks used.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Santatelevision
                      A network of short films. Features elf adventures, Christmas around the world, foods, Santa, northern lights, and greeting cards.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Trails Family Entertainment Centers
                      Four entertainment centers located in Illinois. Two enchanted castles and two haunted trails in different parts of the state.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Midnight Productions
                      Specializes in design, production, and operation of dark attractions. Operates three large portable haunted houses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Frightland
                      Presents the Barn of Horror, The Attic, Idalia Manor, and a hayride. Includes video clips and live entertainment.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Free Halloween Games
                      Offers holiday jigsaw puzzles, concentration, mah jong, and sokoban, plus a slider puzzle.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Free Christmas Games
                      Jigsaw puzzles, mah jong, memory game, sokoban and other games.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Scream Seekers
                      Halloween attraction publicity company offers fonts and PC themes with a horror motif to download.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ScareWorld Scream Park
                      Presents the attraction, schedule, admission, and discounts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Frank Psycho Dominguez Turkey Bowl
                      Information on the annual football game played on Thanksgiving, in the city of San Jose, since 1988. Listing of the charities who benefit from the game.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Scream at the Beach
                      Haunted Halloween attractions, shows and activities at the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter. Includes schedule, photos, ticket and media information, FAQs, news and directions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Caverns of Blood
                      Offers free online games, a virtual haunted house, horror movie trivia, graphics, animated gifs, fonts, midi's, sounds, horror movie villains, jigsaw puzzles, celebrity secrets, biorhythms, blood and gore.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Barn of Terror Haunted Attraction
                      A 10,000 square foot attraction located at the Northwest Washington Lynden Fairgrounds. With directions, hours, costume contest, and ticket information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Oklahoma Renaissance Faire
                      Experience the delights of Castleton; jousting, live chess matches, a masked ball, and the King's feast. Join King Henry VIII the first three weekends of May.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Devious Concoctions
                      Creators of haunted houses show several elaborate home displays with explanations.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Great Christmas Parade
                      Holiday special events production company. Features a gallery of pictures, organization information, and press releases.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mardi Gras
                      Official site includes a schedule of events as well as a history of the event. Purchase tickets online.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Tunnel of Fear
                      A home-Haunted house, open in October in West Valley City, with photos, news, and links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Hex House
                      An intense multi-element, walk-through haunted attraction in Tulsa. With information on story, location, tickets, and FAQ.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Haunted House
                      Tour the haunted schoolhouse each year during Halloween.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Lake Myra Christmas
                      A Christmas light show located in Wendell, North Carolina.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Maximum Terror Haunted Attractions
                      Halloween haunted house and attraction put on by Maximum Terror in Fairfield County Connecticut.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Kwanzaa Land
                      Free graphics, fun coloring pages, general information, extensive glossary, links to recipes, puzzles, and games.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nightmare Production's Haunted House
                      Lists dates, times, location, sponsors, and contact information regarding Salisbury, Maryland's Seasonal Haunted House. Haunting the Twilley Centre in Salisbury, Maryland, minutes South of Delaware.
[+] [v] [x] [?] ANZAC Day images and photographs
                      ANZAC Day parade images and photographs from around Australia.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Denver's Only Haunted Animal Hospital
                      6 Theme Rooms: Alien Autopsy, Room of 100 skulls, The room of Evil Clown Terror, Radiation Overdose Room, Possessed ICU Ward -Room of Tortured Souls Grave yards - Full scale coffins, an Electric Chair, a Giant boiling Calderon, a Cannon, dozens of moving Ghouls. Located in Denver Co.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mr. Bingle Fans
                      For friends, fans, historians and collectors of this New Orleans cultural icon doll named Mr.Bingle, a southern Christmas tradition for years. With historical vintage photos.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Fright Planet World of Fear
                      A haunted attractions with theatrical sets, live actors, and scares. Includes online tickets, directions, and schedule. Located in Sacramento.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nightmare at Pinehaven Farm
                      Halloween haunted house and hayrides. Includes photos, dates, hours, ticket information and directions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nightmare Alley
                      Nightmare Alley is a haunted attraction located in Kansas Illinois. Visit the site for all the details.
[+] [v] [x] [?] My Ghoul Friday
                      Providing useful how-tos (including paper mache), tips and blog treats (especially for fans of Halloween). A resource for artists, party planners, and horror fans.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Halloween Directory at DVDesign
                      Contains links to graphics, recipes, ghosts, music, history, and costumes.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Scream Theme Studios
                      Specializing in haunted attractions, family and kids entertainment, and scary products for home and professional productions. Includes event schedule and sponsor list.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cornstalk Harvest Festival
                      A haunted cornfield maze, haunted forest and haunted barnyard. Site contains directions, ticket information, hours, and other information. Located in the country between Ogallala and Grant Nebraska.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Howard Family Halloween Haunt
                      A yearly tradition: award winning spooky yard haunt in Henderson, Nevada. Featuring pneumatics, sound, lighting, and action spooks.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Fuzzy's Freakshow
                      Includes location information, show schedule and a photo gallery. Open every weekend in October. Located in Williamsburg.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Squeaky Hinge's Haunted Garage - Morgan Hill, CA
                      Kid friendly garage haunt in Morgan Hill California.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Free Easter Games
                      Jigsaw puzzles, mah jong, memory game, sokoban and other games.
[+] [v] [x] [?] World Wide Christmas
                      Carols in English, Spanish, Latin, French and German, including lyrics, MP3s, and related material.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Large collection of links grouped by topic.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Grandparents Day at School
                      Detailed guide for project honoring grandparents, complete with assessment guide and notes for teachers.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Night Terrors at Wiard's Orchards
                      Presents The Hayride of the Lost, Ultimate Barn, Gauntlet, Asylum and Labyrinth. Includes admission, online coupons, directions, dates and times. In Ypsilanti, Michigan.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Shocktoberfest
                      Featuring Prison of the Dead, the Biohazard Hayride and Toxic Asylum Haunted Hospital. Includes directions, dates, and a picture gallery. Located in Reading.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Trails of Terror and Haunted Woods
                      The trail winds though 6 acres of monster infested woods, twisting you through many detailed scenes of horror and fright. Come to Markleville IN, and face your fears.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nightmarez Stage Fright
                      Includes a photo gallery of past events, a map, dates, and admission. Supports the Police and Fire Departments. Located in Bartlett.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Haunted 56-Acre Forest
                      Explore a haunted forest in the Quad Cities where a prehistoric beast is lurking. Located in Rapids City.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Kingsbury Cemetery Haunted House
                      Annual home haunt based in Corning NY. Site contains photo galleries, story lines, and prop information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Christopher Popinkins
                      A story about one of Santa's elves. Includes author's bio.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Financial Calendar
                      Contains database of holiday data that extends over 30 years into the future for over 400 financial centers around the world.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Carols
                      A vast collection of Christmas carols from around the globe.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Haunted Hills Estate
                      Three haunted adventures on a 100 acre farm in Uniontown. Find dates, times, and map.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Christmas Songs
                      Lyrics to Christmas music and carols funny or classic, old and new.
[+] [v] [x] [?] West Virginia Penitentiary
                      Offers tours of the former prison. Includes its history, hours, holiday schedule, admission fees, directions and contact information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Asylum Haunted House in Denver
                      Denver's house of horror featuring electrifying in your face scares. Features dates, times, ticket prices, information and ability to buy tickets online.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Fright Manor Haunted House
                      Located on the southside. Includes details of the current season and profiles of the monsters.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Spooky Kingdom
                      An annual haunted attraction in Plantsville, CT. Available information includes details of the current years event, as well as photographs of previous years.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Presepju-Victor
                      Presents several personal artistic works of nativity scenes for Christmas.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Christmas Times A Coming
                      Holiday archive. Includes music, clip art, animated gifs and downloads.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Extreme Pumpkins
                      Pumpkin carving techniques that focus on extreme designs and the use of power tools. Includes photo gallery and patterns.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Xmas Net
                      Provides message board, gift suggestion and wishlist page, printable gift tags, ring tones, and links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Castle of Chaos Haunted House
                      Information on an interactive haunted house. With calendar of events, coupon, online payment, prices, and photos.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Festivus: The Website for the Rest of Us
                      Repository for Festivus short films, grievance airing, tales of Festivus glory and woe, and photos of cats named Festivus.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Terror Nights Haunted House
                      Featuring cutting edge special effects, amazing actors, movie quality costumes and makeup, and extremely detailed sets. Located in Tyler Texas.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Love Laughs
                      A collection of jokes about love, gender differences, relationships, and Valentine's Day.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Interfaith Calendar
                      Primary sacred times for world religions. Includes definitions, a review of different religions, and an archive of dates for previous years.
[+] [v] [x] [?] North Carolina - Haunted Events
                      Coupons and links to several different haunted entertainment attractions in the state.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Field of Screams
                      Presents the Den of Darkness, Frightmare, and a haunted hayride. Includes dates, times, and coupons. Located in Mountville.
[+] [v] [x] [?] World Sensorium
                      Gayil Nalls' world olfactory sculpture for Times Square 2000 celebration. Dropped at midnight over Times Square New Years Eve.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Burial Chamber Haunted House
                      Presents Blood City, a new attraction located in Neenah. Contains history, directions, and prices.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Santa Claus Village
                      Features games, recipes, send an email, holiday karaoke, and illustrations.
[+] [v] [x] [?] PsychoMania - The Theater of Terror
                      A 10,000 square foot haunted attraction is built inside an abandoned movie theater in Clarksville, Indiana.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Eleventh Hour Haunted Attractions
                      Four Haunted Houses in One! Located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Twelve Days Christmas Village
                      Try to guess the word before the nutcracker cracks all the nuts.
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