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  1. File_Sharing  (0/35) (Find similar within this category, or just browse it)

    Some examples from this category:
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Foofind
                          Open source search engine that indexes files on the eDonkey, Gnutella, BitTorrent peer-to-peer networks as well as on FTP or Web servers.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Beehive
                          Database of active trackers and discussion forum.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] P2Pnet
                          Covers news which are relevant to peer-to-peer file sharing.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Mininova
                          A free content distribution platform, with seeding of uploaded content.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] VODO
                          An independent movie distributor, that uses bittorrent as its method of distribution. Movies are free to download and share.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] OpenBitTorrent
                          A pure tracker which doesn't host torrents and which doesn't have search feature. Allows users to include the tracker URL in their torrents without requiring a registration.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] P2P Blog
                          Blog covering the business, technology and culture of peer to peer. By Janko Roettgers.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] The Foundation for P2P Alternatives
                          Studies the impact of peer to peer technology and thought on society and aims to be a pluralist network to document, research, and promote peer to peer alternatives.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] Clearbits
                          Distributes open licensed works using Bittorrent.
    [+] [v] [x] [?] PublicBitTorrent
                          An public tracker service usable by simply adding a URL to a torrent file. The service does not host torrent files nor does it allow for searching them.
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[+] [v] [x] [?] Malkin and Associates
                      Provides multimedia production, project management, web promotion, search engine optimization and positioning.
[+] [v] [x] [?] MU Domain - Mauritius
                      NIC for .mu CCTLD.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Radiocards.Net
                      Free cards using embedded radio stations from Ireland and England. Features a catalogue of cartoon images, scenic photos, animals, sports, and occasions. Requires the RealPlayer G2 plugin.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Thurston, Howell
                      Offers design and graphics services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Steele, Jeanne - Steele Imagery
                      Development, design and production of web sites focusing on small- to medium-size businesses, along with corporate project management. Based in San Francisco, California, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Bali @ Cyber Café and Restaurant
                      Photographs and description of this Internet café in Legian on Bali. Location map, menu, facilities with price list, reservation forms.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Qksearch
                      Provides web, images, mp3, jobs, and news search in 6 different languages.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Stark Visions
                      Offers design, hosting and custom graphics.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Web Site Publicity
                      Search engine positioning company specializing in directory submissions and linking campaigns.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Provides design, logo creation, graphics, 3d animations, and domain name registration.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Metasearch
                      Offering a combination search engine and directory based on ODP data.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Avatar Generator
                      Free custom avatar generator with templates.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Twistori
                      The first step in an ongoing social experiment based on Twitter. Provides a dynamic stream of Tweets that include words such as love, hate, think and believe.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Monroe Consultants
                      Web design and e-commerce solutions company based Exeter, England.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Internic Domain Services
                      Domain registration services, register your top level domain names with us.
[+] [v] [x] [?] .US Registry Whois
                      Search for availability for the .us domain name.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Smith Design Works
                      Providing graphic, industrial, and multimedia design, visual communication, and video animation.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Davison, Bill
                      Provides design, graphics, maintenance, and photo editing. Based in Pensacola, Florida, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] TG Domain - Togo
                      NIC for .tg CCTLD.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Virtual Insults
                      Categories include bombs, feelings, ghetto, secrets, and special days. Flash animations available.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Richardson, Clare
                      Design and graphic design.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Xhost
                      Offers shared hosting, virtual and dedicated servers. Based in Canada.
[+] [v] [x] [?] SpamAssassin
                      Open Source mail filter, written in Perl, to identify spam using a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text. Free software. Can be used as a standalone mail filter, or from procmail. Site includes download, news, FAQ, and documentation.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Dragonfly Manor Design Studios
                      Offering graphics, design, storyline illustrating, hosting, e-commerce, and print design services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] GG Services
                      An Internet cafe in Ebbw Vale providing IT Services, Internet access and photo video editing.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Etopolos
                      Specializing in Internet and Intranet web design, print design, and graphic design.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Web-Masons, Inc.
                      Offers design, graphics, promotion, and consulting services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] SolarStone
                      Offers general discussion channels with X based network services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Edgehill Productions
                      Specializing in web design, event flyers, site testing, and general photography.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nass Webdesign
                      Offers design and programming services for small and middle size companies. Located in Freiburg, Germany. [English/German]
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Cam Chickens Live Online
                      See a cam chicken's life including the chicken poll, archived stills and links.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Glen Cove Computing
                      Specializing in designing Web sites for small to medium sized businesses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Darling, Valeri - Missing Masterpiece Graphx
                      Offers web and graphic design services. Located in Vancouver, Washington.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Stv : The Stephanie Cam
                      A 20-something gal shares her life and art through 24/7 webcams and streaming, a diary, and archives.
[+] [v] [x] [?] VirtuaLux, Inc.
                      Offers site design using HTML and Flash, print design, site maintenance, and streaming media for personal to corporate sites.
[+] [v] [x] [?] PBWebworks
                      Design based on the specific needs of the client and artist. Specialize in detail and color of online art, sculpture, and pottery.
[+] [v] [x] [?] RO Domain - Romania
                      NIC for .ro CCTLD.
[+] [v] [x] [?] JedWeb
                      Develop small business and personal web sites, carefully blending artistic and technical skills to serve our client's strategic purpose.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Snowdon, Luke
                      A Gloucestershire, United Kingdom based freelance Flash developer who specializes in online game development, web design and dynamic rich media experiences.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Live Ducks
                      Live webcam of pekin and other ducks. Question and answer index provides facts and information about ducks and how to care for them in a variety of situations.
[+] [v] [x] [?], Estonia
                      Enhanced IPv4/IPv6 Looking Glass at Data Telecom, Estonia
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mary Conrad Internet Development
                      Web design, Flash, shopping carts, and database development. Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Vasalini's Chickencam
                      Live streaming view of a chicken yard from Martha's Vineyard.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AmigaNet
                      Offers a user database, services documentation, and a FAQ section. Also has server and mailing list information.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Theo's .com
                      Theo de Raadt's domain name.
[+] [v] [x] [?] NTNPHost
                      Offers hosting packages supporting ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL, and Site Studio. Also offers domain registration.
[+] [v] [x] [?] New Options Design
                      Design, Flash, and multimedia.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Herron, Shawn Thomas - Playvein
                      Offers site design and Flash. Located in Monroe, Washington.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Masterpiece Design Group
                      Offers graphic and web design, specializing in Flash and multimedia websites. Located in Willingboro New Jersey.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Try Technology
                      Offers design, graphics, hosting, and maintenance services.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Featuring interactive musical funpages for everyday and holidays.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mikrotec
                      Offers website design, hosting, e-commerce solutions, and Internet connectivity.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Maher Consulting & Design
                      Expert Internet strategies, graphic design, Cold Fusion database programming, web site planning, development and design. Located in Granville, Ohio, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Salmond, Mike
                      Digital art, web and multimedia design, server side development, Flash, and freelance writing.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Pizzinini, Mario
                      Multimedia, production and advanced Shockwave/Flash design, in English and German.
[+] [v] [x] [?] webRight
                      Specializing in solutions for competitive rankings in search engines for effective conversions rates. Based in Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A.
[+] [v] [x] [?] The Web People
                      Offers design, maintenance, and graphics services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Timestream
                      Multimedia, web design, e-commerce and database development, and animations. Located in Appleton, Maine, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Artimedia Studio
                      Provides design, flash, e-commerce, hosting, and advertising. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
[+] [v] [x] [?] NC Domain - New Caledonia
                      NIC for .nc CCTLD.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Solihull Web Design
                      Professional web design for businesses.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Advanced Solutions
                      Offers site design, search engine submission, hosting, and database application development.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Fractured Design
                      Website development, including Flash and multimedia, server-side and database programming, consulting, domain name registration, and search engine submittal.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Sage Island
                      Complete web design e-commerce multimedia software development company for business, organizations and professionals.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Real Branding, Inc.
                      Interactive solutions firm specializing in web and online initiatives
[+] [v] [x] [?] Mushroom Magic
                      Web design, Flash, hosting, and domain registration.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Texas Star Net
                      Windows NT hosting, domain registration and active server page authoring.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Messiya Multimedia & Internet Systems
                      Offers IT and media services including software development, web based applications and website design.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Edwards, Larry E.
                      Web designer, Internet and new-media business consultant, Also has author profile and information on services. Located in California, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] PageCrafter
                      Full service web design and development company, custom graphics, copywriting, hosting and maintenance.
[+] [v] [x] [?] TBC Creative
                      Offers design, maintenance, and flash services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] HN Domain - Honduras
                      NIC for .hn CCTLD.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Lost Boys
                      Specializing in consultations, marketing concepts, design, and implementation, clients listed among Top 500 firms.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Free weblog hosting service that allows promotional blogging.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Blue Wave Data
                      Connecticut web design firm provides php programming, mysql database development and web hosting services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Trivison, Michael
                      Graphic and design solutions. Located in Orange County, California, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] IT Domain - Italy
                      NIC for .it CCTLD.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Carpediem
                      Personalized custom-made greeting and holiday web pages for families and organizations. Located in Bethesda, US.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Free host for Australian related blogs with template options.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Web Cam Locator
                      Directory of worldwide webcams focused primarily on outdoor cams.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Global Presence Digital Marketing
                      Web development firm specializing in, CD-ROM design, flash, shockwave, database integration, and shopping carts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] 2Geeks
                      Offers repair and training services near Fort William, Scotland, and e-commerce solutions.
[+] [v] [x] [?] High-Speed FX Communications Inc.
                      Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in Ontario, Canada.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Digital Promotion Group
                      Digital editing, animation, website design, Flash, web casting, streaming audio and video solutions. Located in Glendale, California.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Lindianet
                      Internet cafe in Lindos, Rhodes. Includes services, historical information and tourist guides.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Erimax
                      Offers fee-based guestbook with free trial.
[+] [v] [x] [?] GoFish
                      Offering pay-per-click bid management, optimisation, and consulting. Based in New Zealand.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Offering design, hosting, domain registration, advertising and email setup. Located in Tucson, Arizona.
[+] [v] [x] [?] AcuNett
                      Provides reseller and web hosting plans.
[+] [v] [x] [?]
                      Offering FreeBSD based shell accounts and colocation services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Webpro Australia
                      Offers design and hosting services.
[+] [v] [x] [?] TWIX
                      Taiwan Internet eXchange
[+] [v] [x] [?] Cool-Box
                      Provides hosting supporting a catch-all e-mail account, mailing lists, forwards, and a control panel. Some plans support PHP, CGI, and mySQL. Also provides free webmail accounts.
[+] [v] [x] [?] I-Profile
                      Offer web design, corporate identity, and copy writing services. Located in Bolton, Manchester, United Kingdom. Require flash.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Nordquist, Sean
                      Offers design services. Located in St. Petersburg, FL but serving anyone in need of a web page.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Viewit
                      Provides web design, hosting, and e-commerce solutions for business and individuals.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Benedick, Gar
                      Provides web design and development including interactive and multimedia presentations. Based in Laguna Hills, California, United States.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Studio XL
                      Offers design, graphic design, and 3D work. Based in Groningen, Netherlands.
[+] [v] [x] [?] WebCam Online
                      Directory of webcams on a variety of subjects. Available in both English and Russian languages.
[+] [v] [x] [?] Orb Graphics
                      Offers freelance web site development and free desktop pictures. Based in New Jersey.
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